Begunje na Gorenjskem (585m)

is a typical village of Upper Carniola, stretching along the Begunjščica stream, situated in the area where the Karavanke range together with the beginning of the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps descend into the plains of Dežela. Due to this attractive position the village has a mild and healthy climate.

We invite you to get to know this piece of intact nature which hides numerous natural beauties, historical monuments and places worth visiting – from the ruins of the Kamen (Stone) castle with Gašper Lamberg, the Draga valley, mountain meadows and mighty Begunjščica peak, little churches of St. Urh, St. Peter, and St. Lucy, the Katzenstein manor house, the chapel designed by Jožef Plečnik, the cemetery of hostages and last but not least, the restaurant Pri Jožovcu, home of the world famous Avsenik folk music.

Discover the mysterious paths, get to know the astoundingly beautiful landmarks and experience the blending of the past with the present.